French Country Furniture

Farm-to-Table: Why Buy a ‘Real Wood’ Dining Table


Farm tables for centuries have been a beloved classic for their timeless appeal. Originating in antique homes and farmhouses, the rustic charm harkens back to when families gathered around the wood tables to enjoy freshly harvested food.

Today, the new movement to buy-local and eat closer to the source makes the farm table more relevant than ever. When looking for a table and chairs, you should consider whether the product you’re choosing is made from natural products and solid-wood, without chemical additives, engineered pressboards, and plastic veneers.


Many of those materials contain Formaldehyde and other dangerous toxins. The natural benefits of a hand-crafted solid-wood table doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking when you compare it to most of its mass manufactured counterparts.


Above is a French Country Dining Table with French Country Ladderback Chairs by Kate Madison Furniture. The table and chairs are made of solid-wood with low-VOC stains and finishes. Its 4″ turned legs and solid-wood top is durable, sturdy and family-friendly. Pair it with a long country bench to provide extra seating for the kids or for any fun, casual gathering.

If you think about it; if care about the foods you eat, you should care what you’re placing it on.

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