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Parting With My Old Table is Bittersweet

Today, I’m on a mission: find a perfect farmhouse table.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been eeking along with a too small, slightly broken table that I inherited from my mother. I dislike just about everything about it, from the wobbly base to the chipped laminate top.

old tableHowever, this decision is bittersweet. This old table and I have come a long way…afterall, it added that campy-style to my first apartment in NYC. Then, when I moved into my first home, it had that shabby-chic feel that worked in my antique starter home. But now, I’m married with kids in a new farmhouse-style home. I am ready for my first REAL table. It’s time to actually seat my guests and have style that actually fits into a modern farmhouse home.

I’ve always loved perusing magazines with pictures of beautiful people seated around rustic, wood farm tables. I guess it’s that hardy, wholesome feeling I love. Barnwood tops and painted legs, paired with wooden chairs with woven seats. It’s time for a table that actually fits my family on holidays, a bunch of kids on birthdays, and a group of friends for a hot summer night gathering. I’m done piecing together mis-matched chairs from the garage and squeezing the group around this “mid-century marvel”.

Excited by the project, I hit the popular furniture stores in my area, only to crash quickly. All I found was a lot of “highly-polished,” composite wood farm tables. This is exactly what I wanted to steer clear from. I’m looking for real wood, real paint, because I hope to hand-down this table to my kid someday. Furniture built to last, not just another piece to add to the landfill in a few years.

This morning I feel invigorated. Instead of hopping in the car, I hop on the internet. I search for farmhouse table, french country and modern farmhouse tables. So many choices, but narrowed it down to because the quality looked much better than other options. I called customer service and was thrilled to learn of all my options; different sizes, vintage wood, paints, hand-built of solid wood — just what I envisioned from all those magazines.

One of the first questions I asked was, “how many people can I seat around this table?”

farmtable_storefarmtable2Every table seats a different amount of guests, but has flexibility to add additional guests with company boards (table leaves). The general guidelines for seating with chairs is based on chair width. Their chair are the Ladderback, Paysanne, X-Back, Fanback Windsors which have 18” widths, and Wheatsheaf, and Country French Ladderbacks are a 20” width.

  • 5ft. Farm Table: Seats 4-6 guests (18” chair seat width for 6), with company boards seats up to 10 guests.
  • 6ft Farm Table: Seats 6 guests (18” or 20” chair seat width), with company boards seats up to 10 guests.
  • 7ft. Farm Table: Seats 8 guests (18” or 20” chair seat width), with company boards seats up to 12 guests.
  • 8ft. Farm Table: Seats 8 guests (18 or 20” chair seat width), with company boards seats up to 12 guests.

I’m banking on hosting big groups with lots of lively conversation. For this reason, I’m opting for the 7ft. Farm table which will give me enough room for a crowd. I loved the traditional rectangular table, but they did have a great square table that I fell in love with too. In the end, I opted for the longer length for more seating. This 7ft. table can seat up to 12, maybe more if I’m squeezing some kids in. But, I think it will also work on a daily basis with all my family dinners. I chose vintage wood (for the rustic character) with a black base. I wanted a “collected” feel, so I chose the French Country Ladderback Chairs with v-weave seat in Millstone (grey, beige color, pictured below). The combination is timeless, elegant, yet relaxed. I’m so excited to host my summer parties and gather around the table just like all those magical magazine images. Goodbye to the old, welcome new memories. farmtable3

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