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6 Styles of French Country Chairs

When you search for dining chairs, there are so many styles out there. Parson, Ladderback, Windsor, Slat Back, Queen Anne, X-Back—all lovely choices, but what chairs are specifically French Country?  Read on to learn about which chairs are traditionally French.

  1. French Country Ladderback Chairs


These French Country Ladderback Chairs are more decorative than their English ladderback counterparts. The 4-ladders on the back creates a taller profile than straight slat ladder chairs. The French Country Ladderback has an elegant scalloped slat, giving the chairs an added decorative flair. The gently sloped arm are comfortable for sitting during leisurely meals. The square legs and solid hardwood construction make them a strong, yet light chair to lift with timeless French style.

2. Country French Ladderback Chairs


The Country French Ladderback Chairs add old-world charm in a dining room. The European styling gives these chairs provenance found in French antiques. The scalloped ladders, contoured back and rush or wood seats are akin to chateaux living. The hardwood chairs are inherently strong, yet light to lift and move.

3. X-Back Dining Chairs


The X Back Chair has relaxed style that’s been revered for generations. The X-Back Chair is a signature bistro style chair that was commonly found in cafés across Europe. Known for it’s French elegance paired with tailored details—it’s the perfect chair to add Parisian style to your dining room. The X Back chair features a distinctive cross back design that originates from bentwood chairs of the 19th century.

4.  Wheat Back Chairs


The wheat symbol has long represented harvest and abundance in the home. It’s a timeless French motif found on fabrics and country furnishings. The Wheat Back Chair is a classic French dining chair that pairs nicely with farm tables, trestles tables, and pedestal tables. Whether a wood or rush seat—these hardwood, comfortable, sturdy chairs are a beloved French classic.

5. Paysanne “Peasant or Rustic” Chair



The French Country Paysanne “peasant or rustic” Chair was found in country cottages and farmhouses throughout Europe. Originally considered a common man’s seating option, today the Paysanne Chair is an adored chair for its unique star cut-out back, contoured horizontal slats, and medium-height back. The traditional French Country two-tone finish (seat and back) completes the French-style.

6. Farmhouse Lath Back Chair


The Farmhouse Lath Back Chair is classic, very popular French Country chair known as a “farmhouse Windsor.” The chair’s classic style appealled to country cottage homeowners throughout Europe who were seeking strength and durability from a Windsor chair. These relaxed, strong chairs became an everyday classic in farmhouses and cottages around the French countryside.

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