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8 Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Spring Table

Spring is all about new beginnings. So, why set your farm table for the next party with the same-old, same-old? Break away—and get inspired by these rustic wood farm tables all dressed-up for a Spring celebration.

Tip 1: Add Sparkle & Blooms

Why? Simple blossoms dot these handpainted plates, and tabletop to brightening even the greyest Spring day. The clean, almost child-like flower illustrations combined with the dipped gold rims creates a beautiful juxtaposition of romance with rustic style. The old wood farm table top has weathering and age, but when combined with gold silverware, simple cachepot arrangements and stemless glasses—the look awakens Springtime.
Image: Mary Costa Photography

Tip 2: Get Green With Envy

Why? The outdoors provides the ultimate palette for dining. Greens, all shade of it—pear, emerald, kelly, lime and spring green—create a canvas. This farm table repeats all these colors on the tabletop with multiple small arrangements reflecting nature. The rustic wood farm table invites you sit, while aqua glassware, wood cutting board plates and ramekins make you want to linger. The craft paper sign welcomes guests, encouraging them to “let love grow,”—and, we’re smitten.
Image: Style Me Pretty

Tip 3: Escape to Paradise

Why? French tulips and ginger in a hand-forged silver vase—what’s not to love! The extraordinary combination creates a centerpiece that transcends any locale and evokes a feeling of luxury and paradise. The recycled glassware and porcelain bowls on a round farm table creates a look that’s relaxed while commanding every guests’ attention.

Image: Style Me Pretty

Tip 4:  Embrace Tradition

Why? Pansies are something your grandmother loved, your Mother called, “the first plants of spring,” and you feel sentimental about them. Pots of pansies dotting the center of a farm table covered with hand-collected moss creates a sentimental touch to your Spring table. The blending of the family china with antique windsor chairs, gives this table multi-generational appeal.

Tip 5: Add Color and Movement

Why? Ribbons aren’t just for kids and weddings anymore. Wouldn’t your Springtime gathering look resplendent with multi-colored ribbons tied to the backs of the chairs? Add a touch of color and movement to your farm table setting, while creating anticipation for your guests to sit and celebrate.
Image: Decoist

Tip 6: Touch All Your Senses

Why? Great experiences engage all the senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. This long, rustic farm table setting excites all five. Eucalyptus wrapped around the lights creates a beautiful textural shade. As the shades warm, the fragrance of the Eucalyptus creates an earthy and springlike ambiance. The use of recycled coke bottles, collected medicine bottles, and low votive candles set the stage for the the food to become the star. The simple black placemats, china and glassware are offset by the time-worn character of the farm table.  You can just hear the festive buzz at this party.
Image: Feedly

Tip 7: Don’t Be Bashful, Add Color

Why? So often we hold back when using colors, choosing the palest of blues and softest of yellows. This farm table top just goes for it—proudly displaying vibrant reds, pinks, purples and blues. The flowers look as if they’ve been fresh picked from the garden, and arranged in a collection of old vases. The mix of color, textures and scale practically shouts out, “let’s celebrate”.

Image: RuffledBlog

Tip 8: Bouquet Garni, Not Just For Cooking Anymore

Why? Fresh herbs are at the centerpiece of a good meal, why not make it the centerpiece of the table. Each guest here is welcomed with a tiny sprigs of rosemary, thyme and bay leaves. The herbs, combined with rustic reclaimed wood table, bench seating and the low votive candles, create a farm-to-table authenticity making the “main course” the center of attention.

Image: Style Me Pretty

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