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Small Changes Make a Big Difference in a French-Inspired Home in 2017

New Year, new you, right? But, sometimes change is not always that easy, especially when  tackling big home projects. Here are a few small changes that can make a big difference in the style of your French Country home in 2017.

1) Skip the small coffee table, go for grand
Most people think a cocktail table needs to be long and narrow and sit in-front of a sofa. 2017 is the time to rethink a standard coffee table and add some scale. Originally, French Country cocktail tables were cutdown dining tables made lower for the purpose of sitting in a living area. Today, the trend is to select a large 48″ square cocktail table or 40″ round coffee table and make it the showpiece of the room. It becomes a place to gather, play games, and snack during the big game. Toss out any notion that a coffee table needs to be small, and your living area will be refreshed for 2017—and beyond.


2. Storing extra chairs for guests? Time to add a bench
Tired of lugging out the “guest” chairs from the basement or attic when hosting a big dinner party? A great French Country trend for 2017 is adding a bench to the table for guest seating. Kids and adults alike enjoy sitting together for a casual and fun meal. When the guest leave, the bench can be utilized in a mudroom, or living area behind a sofa or just left along a wall with a few accent pillows. Then, presto! it’s ready for the next gathering.


3) Rectangular tables are traditional, but a round is bountiful
It is said that a round table fosters good conversation, but when a crowd of eight are seated around a 72″ pedestal dining table there’s no stopping the fun! When searching for a big table, think about the alternatives to a traditional rectangular table: round, square, oval. Rethink your space, and consider would a round add fluidity and style to the room? We think its a great French Country trend for 2017—and your guests will surely “ooo-and-ahh” over its grand presence.


4) Add personality to your kitchen with great bar stools
In 2017, kitchen stools are likened to the “jewelry” of a kitchen. Tranform a standard white kitchen from basic— to elegant by pairing with Country French Ladderback stools. For a classic French-style, add French Ladderback Stools with snowshoe seats for a rustic modern seating area. When it comes to stools, it’s worth investing in good quality, solid-wood stools because they are lighter, easy to move, and durable for everyday use.


5) Deep drawer storage is key to keeping clothing organized
We’ve all had one…a dresser that doesn’t fit your clothes. The Result: jammed drawers with overflowing clothing which inevitably winds-up on the floor. The Solution: a French Country deep drawer dresser. Dressers with solid wood sides, back and bottoms can be jammed with jeans and T’s and still open and close with ease. Buy a cheap dresser in 2017, and you’ll pay for it with disorganization, warped drawers and frustration for years to come.


6) Add a colorful focal piece to a French Country room
White is nice, but color wow’s in 2107. Monochromatic kitchens, white living areas, and beige dining rooms are all enhanced with a statement piece in the New Year. Oranges, Greens, Blues all add some panache to your home without upsetting the French Country harmony. Be brave, be bold in 2017 — you won’t regret it.

French Linen Cupboard
Painted French Country Linen Cupboard is the focal point of a room.

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