French Country Decorating

Feeling the Love: How Red Adds French-Style

Valentine’s Day is here, and we are feeling the love. In fact, red has been the soul mate to French Country decorating for generations. Whether it’s a touch of red on a chair, or a full splash on a wall—these bold colors are traditional, yet still feel full of surprise when incorporated in a French-inspired design.

source: Sarah Richardson Design

A blush of soft red and white ticking on French chairs brings warmth to a monochromic French-style bedroom. Fresh gerber daisies and a beautiful pleated silk pillow is just enough color to add love to the room.

source: Architectural Digest

This French library has all the millwork painted in a bold red hue. Red adds coziness and excitement to a small intimate space. It make us want to cuddle up with a good book on a lazy afternoon.

Paneled Bed
source: Kate Madison

A French Country bedroom is a perfect place for a lively balance of reds. The designer created a happy mix of patterned bedding, French Country Paneled Bed, fleur-de-lis lighting and bold walls. The reds marry in romantic harmony.

source: Architectural Digest

Have no fear, when going with red you can never have enough. This designer boldly added textured, lacquered wallpaper to the walls and ceiling of this passageway. Its been transformed into a French haven—saying goodbye to an ordinary hallway.

source: Kate Madison

All or nothing, not your style?  How about adding a touch of red on table legs and chairs. A spot of color transforms a dining room from dull to dramatic.

source: pinterest

Country-soul at heart? Standard kitchens gain character beyond their years by incorporating classic French toile and linen curtains. The red brings some panache to the otherwise blasé space.


Subway tile walls, diamond pattern tile flooring, and a blend of French and Asian furnishings give this living room a vivid personality. The red, tufted back French sofa makes us want to lounge with great friends.


Red in a bathroom, too much? Not when it’s skillfully added with a blend of wallpaper, fabrics, cabinetry, and an aged mirror. The effect is a feminine space that is perfect for relaxation.

source: pinterest

Even the French artist, Paul Cezanne had a passion for the color red. His last studio in France was adorn in wooden red shutters to accent the French yellow stucco exterior.

Now, are you starting to feel giddy about adding some red to your French Country style home?

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