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7 Parisian Apartments That Will Make You Swoon

A Parisian pied-a-terre is the ultimate luxury. Wouldn’t it be blissful to jet-off to France for a long weekend in the Spring? The city is alive with beauty — gardens in bloom, outdoor restaurants and, of course, French-style.

Parisian apartments have a collected, aged-feel that we just adore. These pint-size apartments are just brimming with character, collections and personality of their owners.


1. Room with a View
This French apartment has an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower from the balcony terrace.  Take a seat in a French chair, and imagine sipping a café au lait as you overlooking the architecture and streets below.

Image: pinterest

2. Sweet and Lovely
The antique tufted back sofa covered in salmon velvet is a relaxed resting spot in this Parisian apartment. An eclectic balance of a cowhide rug, wooden printers box coffee table, and dressmakers form reminds us of all things couture. The lovely portrait of a French woman completes the room.


3. French Charmer
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows open to the the streets below in this petite French charmer. The beautiful French ladderback chairs with woven seats, round pedestal table, and antique window mirror add fluidity to the space. The herringbone patterned floors and silk drapes convey timeless French-style.


4) Lofty Living
Rustic wood floor boards, high ceilings and lots of light make this French loft swoon-worthy. The kitchen features stand-alone furniture as a cabinet alternative. An open stepback cupboard makes plates and glasses easily accessible, while the French blue painted interior makes them sparkle.


6) Mirror, Mirror…
Not just one mirror, but six transform this apartment into a tiny jewel box. The light from the window is reflected back into the room — collections and art are amplified through the looking glass.


7) Light and Bright
The ornate plaster moldings, marble mantle and herringbone floors are all the details you need to fall in love. Add some classic French furnishings, and voila!—it’s a masterpiece. The cabriole leg table topped with a white orchid blooms happily in the natural light.

So have we convinced you to bid adieu, and head to Paris for the springtime?

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