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Green: ‘Color of the Year’ Feels Fresh & So French

Greenery is the Pantone “Color of the Year.”  It feels organic, fresh and Spring-like. Green has long been a staple of French country decorating. From sage to forest green—all the varying hues work like neutrals, becoming gleeful complements to other colors.  Let’s discover some sweet ways to incorporated green into your French-inspired home.

The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year

Welcome your guests.  This green threshold greets you like an old friend, and invites you to enter. Gazing through this cottage doorway, your eye is immediately enticed by green fern upholstered chair, washed green French armoire and the verdigris lantern in this French country cottage.

source: veranda

Punctuate with green. These softly tinted sage walls are warmed by the rich green open hutch cupboard. The carefully curated collection of galvanized buckets, verdigris pots, topiaries and woven seagrass baskets makes this room refreshingly French.

When a little green just won’t do. Paint the moldings, trim and even window sashes  in the fresh hue. The green envelope creates French opulence that feels as relevant today, as it would have 100-years-ago.

Make green a highlight. In this chateaux, the rustic stucco walls, rustic pine tables are simply appointed with weathered green ladder back chairs. A sometimes a little color goes a long way.

When big, go bold. Doors for days, or so it seems in this classic Parisian apartment. The two sets of lively green doors mirror each other adding fun, modern personality to this Parisian pied-a-terre.


Add transitional green elements. Not ready to commit to green everywhere? A simple way to add the Color of the Year is bringing nature inside. Place a modern green ikat tablecloth on the table, and top it off with fern in a white ironstone jardiniere to create a lively French vibe.

Inject Green on classics pieces. A traditional, French country dining chair is the paysanne (or peasant) chair. The comfortable, functional chair is sweet as can be finished in a pear milk-paint.


Awaken your inner aristocrat. French royalty would be at ease in this French library clad in many shades and patterns of green. The baroque fabrics, patterned wallpaper and gilt chair all combine with an air of refinement.

Old is new again
. The best decorators incorporate pieces that are found, passed-down, and created for a harmonious design. This new, Louis XV Armoire finished in a mint green with a brown glaze has all the feel of a fine antique, but the practicality and function of a modern wardrobe.

Louis XV Armoire in Green with brown glaze by

Whether a hint of green or all-in, the Color of the Year will refresh your French country-style home. Ready to get started?

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