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Toile Gets Hip, Again

Toile is getting a wake-up call. It’s back in full-force in home design, but this time, with a modern twist. Brighter colors, larger repeats, and updated imagery on the fabric. Once again, toile fabric is injecting new life into French decorating.

Toile fabric is a French decorating classic dating back to the 18th century. It’s known for its pastoral scenes depicting country life in France. The fine-lined, highly-decorative fabrics were created in 1759 by Christophe-Phillippe Oberkampf. He used a traditional printing press with copperplates to print repeated patterns on inexpensive linens. The groundbreaking technique opened up the world of decorative fabrics, inspiring many artists to create pictorial images on fabric.
Waverly Rustic Life Toile @

Fine Details: Fine-lines and details make classic toile a timeless decorating choice. However, today we’re now seeing a move away from traditional green, blue, and white to vivid multi-color toile.
Robert Allen Modern Toile, Peacock @

Rich Hues: Deeply saturated colors with larger scale images make this modern toile feel fresh and new. Peacock blue and raincoat yellow—wouldn’t this make gorgeous draperies?
French General Bird Toile @

Updated + New: Soft, monochromatic bird toile evolves with larger scale birds and branches. The simple change in scale, makes this classic feel new again.
Heartwood Scenic Blue @

How fun is this? The whimsical, child-like toile would add a bit of French-style to a kid’s bedroom or playroom. We see pillows, curtains or seat cushions in this fabric’s future.
Robert Allen Neo Toile, Coral @

Bring on the color: Multi-color patterns are a departure from traditional toile. Corals, robin’s egg, sage, and olive combine to make it a lively choice for a reading room, or bedroom.

Statement piece: Vibrant and large scale…there so much to adore about this coral, Asian motif toile. With a 22″ repeat, it’s not for the timid.

Guys get in on toile trend: How handsome! We’re seeing more masculine takes on toile. The deep colors combine with a hunt motif to make this a great choice for a living room or even in a stylish “man-cave”.
Dwell Studio Plumerdux, Persimmon @

Richness of colors: Persimmon, ochre and turquoise—rich colors make this toile come to vivid life. Wouldn’t this be beautiful on an upholstered ottoman to accent your French furniture?

Visit for more French country inspiration. Happy decorating!




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