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Green Thumb? Tour 10 Gorgeous French Gardens

Born with a green thumb? Or not. It’s tough to not swoon over the French garden rooms that dot the landscape across France. The large wooden shutters, pea gravel, and boxwood topiaries pair with weathered urns and farm tables in outdoor perfection. Let’s tour a few of our favorites:

Warm and Welcoming
This butter yellow facade feels so summery. The inside is extended outside for the summer months with a concrete patio dotted with aged terra-cotta planters with boxwood topiaries. The balanced design feels so welcoming for guests.

source: Veranda

Sweet and Pretty
Who doesn’t love French Blue, especially on shutters? This lovely garden space is brought to life with an eclectic mix of chairs, wrought iron bistro set, and wine barrels with greenery. In Spring, old blooms of purple wisteria emblazon the facade.

source: Pinterest

Natural and Loved
Ivy vines, aged concrete planters and moss covered steps all make this outdoor space feel alive—and lived in—for the summer months.

source: Pinterest

Organized and Orderly
This stucco home in Provence has gorgeous pots with neatly trimmed topiaries. A weathered dining table provides a unique vantage point to relax and view the ever-changing garden.
source: Pinterest

Beauty Every Step
Cobblestone path calls you into this Provencal garden. Rows of boxwoods and lavender, a rose arbor and a grouping of boxwood planters make you want to linger a glass of wine all afternoon.
source: Pinterest

Secret Garden
Peek out through the shutter doors into this rose covered garden. The pink blooms with sage door make a perfect pairing.

source: Pinterest

Garden with a View
Look up to this garden balcony with overflowing planters full of petunias spilling over the railing. The vine-covered facade is highlighted by the spot of lush color.

source: Pinterest

Perfectly Provence
Seriously, perfect. The rectangular fountain with terra-cotta boxwoods and  ivy-covered walls—does it get any more French than this?

source: Pinterest

Blooms Above
A flower-filled trellis is the perfect shady spot on a hot summer day. The quiet, elegant garden room is balanced by a row of boxwoods and bistro set. Just relaxation here.


source: Pinterest

Natural Haven

A clever use of canvas to box in this sweet garden room. The vine-covered trellis, oversized white ceramic pot and collection of succulents create natural haven away from the sun. Natural wicker table and chairs is a perfect spot for sampling wine and cheese.

Is it time for you to create your own outdoor room? We hope you’re feeling inspired to conquer the garden!

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