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Add Panache: 6 Styles of French Dining Tables

Awaken your inner Julia Child! Whether you study French cooking or casually entertain, a French-style dining table brings the right amount of panache to your home.


French dining tables can run the gamut from ornate Louis XV style, to clean-lined distressed farm tables. Ornamentation can span from lavish medallions on legs to distressed rustic wood tops.

It’s the blend of plain and fancy that makes French Country dining tables so timeless. Let’s discover six great styles of French dining tables:

1) French Provencal Dining Table
Louis XV popularized ornately carved details on furnishings. Today, these Provincial details are still considered quintessentially French. The Provincial Dining Table grandly showcases these attributes. Carved fluted legs with carved medallions and forged metal edging—all exude French elegance at its best.

French Provencal Dining Table by


2) French Country Trestle Table
A French Trestle Table was popular European dining table found in beer halls and restaurants for seating lots of people and hosting lively conversation. The Trestle Table is also known for it’s sturdy design, and flexible seating options without the impediment of table legs.

Trestle Dining Table by

3) French Fluted Leg Table
A classic farmhouse tables gets a bit of elegance with a French fluted leg. The decorative fluted carvings and ball turning paired with a rustic wood top adds “lived-in” style to a home.

French Country Fluted Leg Dining Table by

4) French Cabriole Leg Dining Table
If you love Louis XV style, you’ll adore the cabriole leg table. The scalloped skirt and contoured legs bring a dining table to the next level.

Country French Cabriole Dining Table by

5) Farmhouse Butterfly Table
Searching for a small dining table that extends for big dinner parties? The Butterfly Farm Table is the table. This unique, 5-foot, French farmhouse table was commonly used in small kitchens and could be extended for guests from 5ft. to 9ft.

Country French Butterfly Farm Table by

6) 72″ Round Pedestal Dining Table
Grand dining tables were a staple of large homes in France. Their large scale with a pedestal base would seat a large group, and wow guests for its scale and beauty.

72″ Round Pedestal Dining Table by

Isn’t it time to bring some life to your dining room?

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