Collecting Makes Your Heart Pitter-Patter

In the age of “decluttering” and tiny home living something gets lost—the joy of collecting. Whether you adore Kewpie dolls, seek out antique marbles or collect vintage postcards, there’s nothing more exciting than finding “one more” to add to your collection.

Today, we’re exploring some old finds that look perfectly modern when displayed in mass. When small objects are arranged something magical happens—all those mismatched items come together to create one art piece.

Source: Country Living

Wavy, pressed and textured colored glass is beautiful on its own, but when grouped creates a visual surprise. Arrange various glass pieces in gradients of hues from pink to yellow to transform an open cupboard into a rainbow of color.

Source: BuzzFeed

Transferware comes in so many colors and patterns, it’s tough to not love it all. Combine single plates and patterns to create wall art. The floating, unbalanced arrangement curves around the door while leaving room for the next find.

Source: Country Living

How sweet are old black & white silhouettes? When grouped in a small space this collection takes on a modern twist. This unique display makes every collector think, “where can I get one of my child”. We follow just the artist on Instagram, heartpaperscissors.

Source: Pinterest

White and ivory buttons add texture and interest when displayed in lidded jars on a shelf. Start cutting buttons off old clothes before you discard them and a delightful collection will amass quickly!

Source: Remodelista

My grandmother always had a jar of clothes pins on her laundry shelf. Today, they seem like a rare find. There are so many variations on clothes pins from clip to slide to plastic and wood. When grouped, they create a fascinating display.

Source: April Pride

Handmade straw brooms used to be commonplace, but now they are becoming collectibles. From small dust pan brushes to full-sized kitchen brooms—each one is a little different and has a story to tell.

Source: Pinterest

Collection of bad art? Not when grouped on a gallery wall. When hung together each painting looks like a masterpiece. So collect-away at garage sales and flea markets. It doesn’t matter if the artist is noteworthy or a novice, just select works that make your heart pitter-patter.

Source: Design Mom

Forgo a matching set of coffee mugs for something more creative. This collection of midcentury mugs brightens up open shelving with a splashy display of mod flowers and geometric patterns.

Source: Nashville Bride Guide

Hobnail, ruffled edging and lidded compotes add a textural display on a dark walnut bookshelf. Every piece is slightly different, but they all have a semi-transparent white milk glass hue to unify the look.

Source: Eyeballs by Day, Design at Night

Once these electrical insulators had an industrial purpose, but today they are obsolete. Many collectors use them for door stops, but when displayed in a light box they take on an art glass appearance.

Source: Pinterest

Logos and labels aren’t just for graphic designers. Snip tags from discarded clothing to create a collection of vintage topography.

Source: Express UK

A spot of tea? Why not create a pantry for beautiful vessels, each one more ornate and interesting than the last. This collector had over 1,200 tea pots many over 200 years old, and didn’t even drink tea!

Collections can add an interesting visual element to your home. It’s time to get your collections out and display your coveted finds!

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