French Country Decorating

8 Tips: Refresh Your Home Post-Holidays with French Country Style

All presents are unwrapped, the tree, glitter and bows are ready to come down. But, how do you spur new life into your home after the holidays? Ring in the New Year with a touch of French Country style.

Tip 1: Add Greens. Indoor house plants are a great way to add color and life to your home during the long, dark winter days. Group a collection of low-light plants in your kitchen or laundry room to recharge your home and clean the indoor air.


Tip 2: Find Something Vintage. A weathered piece of furniture adds character and French Country charm to a new room. Consider converting an old work table into a kitchen island, or adding a new, lightly-distressed free-standing kitchen island for French charm.

Image: Instagram

Tip 3: Embrace Winter Whites. Recharge your living space with a mix of pillows and linens in blend of wintery whites—from linen to coir to snow white. The neutral palette feels crisp, lux and new after the holidays.

Tip 4: Clear the Clutter. After all the holiday indulgences—less is more. Clear the clutter from tabletops and add a few curated items to bring fresh life to the room.

Tip 5: Indulge in Textiles. Nothing feels more welcoming than a plethora of down-filled accent pillow and layered blankets to keep you warm during those deep-freeze nights. Add some softly patterned drapes and a wool rug to soften the harsh edges of the room.

Tip 6: Treat Yourself to Fruit and Flowers. When the outdoors are bleak, nothing feels more indulgent than having a bowl of fresh circus fruit or fresh flowers on a table. Treat yourself once a week to a boutique, you’ll be amazed at how it brightens the winter doldrums.


Tip 7: Add Pops of Color. A French country table needs a few pops of color to liven up the cool neutral palette during the winter months. Treat yourself to a pop of pink, yellow or blue as a nod to Spring (after all, it’s right around the corner…!)

Tip 8: Find Attractive Storage. Collections tell a story about your life. Why not add some beautiful storage to your dining room, living area or bedroom to showcase your story. Surround yourself with the things you love, and your home will take on a whole new meaning.

We hope you’re inspired to add some French Country to your home in 2018! Happy New Year!


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