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Character Builder: French Cupboards Add Style and Storage

Every room needs a decorative anchor. Something that makes the room design feel complete. That something is often a cupboard. Whether new, old or repurposed—one large piece can create essential storage and add loads of character to a room. Let’s take a look at some classic French-style cupboards that elevate the idea of “everyday storage”.

This antique French provencal table is given new life with a complementing single door glass cupboard to display dishes and baubles. The relaxed large lantern paired with the formal table and chairs gives the room a feeling of today with a nod to the past.


Not all cupboards must be tall, this low French country sideboard brings lots of storage and French country style to a dining room. The light distressing and simple lines makes it a worthy addition to a new or old home.

There’s nothing prettier than a large French cupboard wall unit in a dining area. Functioning like a built-in, the room is visually expanded by providing lots of room for displaying collections.

Stepback Cupboard

This is one happy cupboard. Finished in robin’s egg blue, it provides an essential color pop for the neutral dining room. The modern fabric chair combined with a French Country Setback Cupboard welcomes guests with glee.

Image: pinterest

This no-frill vintage linen cupboard has a French soul. The distressed beadboard doors and low, wide design provides a great focal point for the living area. The piece is low enough to stack a large grain basket with greenery, a leaded glass window and a linen basket atop for classic French country styling.

Image: pinterest

This pretty end cap bookcase has been transformed into a lovely, focal-point china cabinet. A sweet collection of white mugs, vases and platters adds character to the dining space.

French Country Farm Table with Bench

Here, a vintage wood table is nestled between two adjacent storage pieces, a French Country Long Sideboard and a French Linen Cupboard. Both low and mid-height pieces provide lots of closed storage to hide clutter and ample serving and displaying area.

Weathered and loved green setback cupboard is the hardest-working spot in the kitchen. It’s the go-to place for grabbing a mixing bowl or serving platters. The years of wear adds charm of a bygone era with a relaxed French-style. 2

Three large cupboard have been repurposed to create one beautiful built-in. The chicken-wire backing and the diamond panels give this storage unit elegant French country styling.

Image: pinterest

Folded towels, blankets and sheets in a glass door cupboard is an eye-catching addition to any bathroom space. The decadent, large blossom wallpaper is paired with the simple lines of the French cabinet in lovely bath-harmony.


The most-utilized French country farm table is balanced by a large, 4-door stepback cupboard to complete the dining room. The large French-style cupboard stores all the “good china” and proudly displays loved items you’d like to look at everyday.

Build more character in your home with French-inspired storage that is both functional and beautiful.


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