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6 Tips: Renew Your French Country Home in 2018

The new year is time for change, and that includes in your French country home. So often we make-due with that “not quite right” piece in your foyer, living room or dining room. It’s time for a new beginning. Here are six home design improvements that will update your country French style in 2018.
Image: Thompson Custom Homes

Tip 1: Add a foyer table
Your foyer is the first place guests see when visiting your home. Beautify it! Find a French-style console table that is the appropriate size and scale for your space. Measure the available space and utilize it. Balance artwork with a large mirror and a pair of lamps. Remember, large items anchor the space versus many small items which just add clutter.

Tip 2: Add a large sideboard to a living space
In 2018, low storage cabinets are a popular French country trend. Anchor a room with a long sideboard with a pair of lamps and a mirror, or, place a flat-screen TV above the piece for everyday use. The long buffet piece adds tons of storage and has built-in French style.

Image: FixerUpper/HGTV

Tip 3: Add a large rustic farmhouse table
A farm table is a timeless trend that adds French style to any space. The popularity of open kitchens and dining areas makes a farm table ideal for an elegant, yet casual space. The bigger the better, so why not go for a 7ft. or 8 ft. table? Seat your whole family, and be prepared when friends pop-in for dinner.

Image: Sarah Richardson/HGTV

Tip 4: Add a vintage mirror in a bathroom
The big box store bathroom mirror is “so been there, done that”. Take your bathroom from predictable to individual. A French antique window mirror gives a bathroom one-of-a-kind styling.


Tip 5: Add French-style chairs & stools
A simple yet utilitarian addition to any kitchen/dining space is French chairs and kitchen stools. Pair your simple cabinetry and table with a more decorative chair to bring French-style to your home.



Tip 6: Add a vintage wood coffee table
Old wood brings character to a French style home. The patina of the top of a
vintage wood coffee table creates a “well-loved” resting spot for magazines, books, drinks and snacks while bringing French style to the room.

Start with one piece, then build your design around it. You’ll feel inspired by the fresh start.

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