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10 Beautiful French Libraries, Plus Fashion Icon Karl Lagerfeld’s

Collecting and displaying books is like creating a window into your sole. Each piece of fiction or non-fiction opens up an idea, transports you somewhere or supports a creative pursuit. If you’ve always dreamed of creating a home library to exclusively display your books, here are some French-influenced libraries to get inspired.

Image: The Selby / Todd Selby Photographer

Karl Lagerfeld, legendary French designer and creative director for Fendi and Chanel, has an massive library in Paris with floor to ceiling collection of books. Lagerfeld, stacks his books horizontally giving the collection of books an artistic aethesetic not found in most libraries. The collection is neatly curated in stacks and is accessible by catwalks.

Image: The Selby / Todd Selby Photographer

Lagerfeld’s modern approach to displaying books from floor to ceiling creates a visual not commonly found.
Image: The French Mouse

In juxataposition, this classic French library bookcase features 6ft. bookcases with rosettes and metal grillwork doors in keeping with traditional French style.
Image: The Essence of Frenchness

Beautiful, spring green and gilt decorative columns frame this Parisian bookcase. The collection of books pop with the interior painted in a brilliant peacock blue.
Image: The Spruce

This solid black bookcase wall unit is home to a collection of art books, magazines and encyclopedias. The French style chairs and modern table makes the French library feel purposeful.

Image: Veranda

A book collection is proudly displayed with a bit of imperfection to make this room feel relaxed and welcoming. The pair of lamps, pillows, and of course, the charming dogs complete the design.
Image: Le Grillon Voyageur

The Le Grillon Voyageur, a historic mansion in the Champagne region of France, features  floor to ceiling bookcases with paneled doors and side moldings. The soft green hue add to the timeless French design. Collections and curiosities are mixed among the book collection.
Image: Bastide De Marie

Escape to the stunning chateaux hotel, Bastide De Marie in Provence. From the grounds to the suites, this hotel is a stunning representation of French country style, including the main lobby with a French country bookcase with a collection of books and French pottery.
Image: Lonny

This traditional French country bookcase is neatly arranged with antique books, urn vases, taxidermy, crowns and other French curiosities. Thoughtfully arranged bookcases appear as an art installation when carefully curated.

Image: Charles Faudree

Famed interior designer, and author of six French country books, Charles Faudree designed this French country dining room.  A pair of matching bookcase on both sides of the door create a frame for his masterpiece of coral and natural objet d’ art.
Image: The Reading Nook

A midnight blue French bookcase is a striking addition to a library room. The glass doors protect and showcase an orderly display of antique books.

Jessica Gordon Ryan
Image: The Spruce

The intensity of color combined with leopard stools and a crystal chandelier makes this reading nook an engaging space for a collection of books.

This eclectic library houses a collection of paintings, busts, books and clocks. The mix of objects makes it feel relaxed and lived in.

Are your feeling inspired to create a home library?

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