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Then + Now: What is French Provincial Style?

French Provincial style originated in the smaller cities and the countryside outside of Paris, mostly during the 18th century. Country manor homes were decorated with furnishings that emulated the highly-prized and valued furnishings found in the Parisian markets. While manor owners were often affluent, they could not afford the pricey Parisian pieces. The demand for… Continue reading Then + Now: What is French Provincial Style?

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8 French Chairs: Find Your Perfect Match

Have you been getting by with wobbly, worn or trendy dining chairs? Here are 8 styles of French country dining chairs that have endured stylistically for years. Each chair has roots from the late 19th century but still feel new in dining rooms today.

French Country Decorating

7 Styles of French Lighting: Make Your Room Shine

Finding the right French chandelier is like adding a beautiful piece of jewelry to a room. The sparkle, lines or scale of the chandelier can transform an otherwise standard room into a pièce de résistance. Let's take a look at seven styles of French lighting that make rooms shine. 1) The Crystal Chandelier: Crystal chandeliers are perhaps… Continue reading 7 Styles of French Lighting: Make Your Room Shine