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8 French Chairs: Find Your Perfect Match

Have you been getting by with wobbly, worn or trendy dining chairs? Here are 8 styles of French country dining chairs that have endured stylistically for years. Each chair has roots from the late 19th century but still feel new in dining rooms today.

1) The French Country Paysanne “peasant or rustic” Chair was found in country cottages and farmhouses throughout Europe. It’s beloved for its cottage-style with a unique star cut-out back, contoured horizontal slats, and medium-height back.


2) The wheatsheaf has long been a symbol of the harvest and abundance in the home. It’s a timeless French motif found on fabrics and country furnishings. The Wheat Back Chair an ideal accessory to a rustic farmhouse table or a elegant 72″ round dining table. Friends and family will love to gather for leisurely on these comfortable, sturdy French-inspired chairs.


3) A signature bistro style chair found in cafés across Europe. Known for it’s French elegance paired with tailored details—it’s the perfect chair to add Parisian style to your dining room. The X Back Chair features a distinctive cross back design that originates from bentwood chairs of the 19th century. Made popular by its classic French bistro design and enduring durability, the X Back Chair has become a great choice for everyday use in dining rooms and kitchens.


4) The Country French Ladderback Chair is a hallmark of country French interiors in the regions of Provence, Normandy, and Bordeaux. It’s beloved for its relaxed French style made popular in country cottages, farmhouses, and chateaus throughout Europe. Today, our ladderback chair balances solid wood construction with a French-inspired style for your dining room.


5) The Farmhouse Lath Back Chair is classic, very popular French Country chair known as a “farmhouse Windsor.” The chair’s classic style appealled to country cottage homeowners throughout Europe who were seeking strength and durability from a Windsor chair.


6) The Ladderback Chair adds grace—and timeless beauty to almost any decor. The Ladderback chair is named for the horizontal slats across the back of the chair, resembling the rungs of a ladder. Often referred to as a “slat-back” chair, the back provides tall, upright support. Our French Country Ladderback has four, elegantly scalloped slats adding french-style to the ladderback family.


7) Fan Back Windsor Chairs have long been revered as the beacon of high-style, and taste. Fan Back Windsor chairs have sustained stylistically and in popularity for over 300 years. It’s a true classic, built on melding sturdy construction with delicate design, comfort and style.


8) The Spindleback Dining Chair is a French country adaptation of a classic spindle back Windsor chair. Spindleback chairs were commonly found in country cottages, farmhouses and chateaus throughout Europe. The spindleback dining chair was designed for modern elegance, strength and for everyday use.

Investing in a classic French dining chair brings comfort, style and durable for years to come. Did you find a match for your home? Tell us which is your favorite!

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