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French + Pink: A Love Affair

The soft, sweet and subtle hue of pink is trending in home decor today. But, the French have long had a love affair with the color. The color pink, in its softest shades, was used in everything from interior paints in palaces to velvets on sofas to couture gowns and objet d'art. Once considered a… Continue reading French + Pink: A Love Affair

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Character Builder: French Cupboards Add Style and Storage

Every room needs a decorative anchor. Something that makes the room design feel complete. That something is often a cupboard. Whether new, old or repurposed—one large piece can create essential storage and add loads of character to a room. Let's take a look at some classic French-style cupboards that elevate the idea of "everyday storage".… Continue reading Character Builder: French Cupboards Add Style and Storage

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Toile Gets Hip, Again

Toile is getting a wake-up call. It's back in full-force in home design, but this time, with a modern twist. Brighter colors, larger repeats, and updated imagery on the fabric. Once again, toile fabric is injecting new life into French decorating. Toile fabric is a French decorating classic dating back to the 18th century. It's known for its pastoral… Continue reading Toile Gets Hip, Again

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8 French Country Decorating Tips

Country French is beloved for its blend of old and new. Time-worn furniture combined with vibrant fabrics and natural textures to create an elegant, yet comfortable style. Here are some designer tips to bring French country charm to your home: 1) Scale over quantity Don't be afraid of adding fewer, but larger scale pieces to a French-inspired room. Here,… Continue reading 8 French Country Decorating Tips

Style Guide

French Country Style Guide: Colors

C-O-L-O-R is foundation of proper French Country decorating. However, to create a uniquely country French space, you'll need to incorporate hues within the "Provincial" palette. So what colors are uniquely french?  Read on to learn about the perennial favorites. French Blue: French blue is a "go-to" choice in French style. The tradition of adding blue to your home stems from Provence—where the color is found… Continue reading French Country Style Guide: Colors