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French + Pink: A Love Affair

The soft, sweet and subtle hue of pink is trending in home decor today. But, the French have long had a love affair with the color. The color pink, in its softest shades, was used in everything from interior paints in palaces to velvets on sofas to couture gowns and objet d'art. Once considered a… Continue reading French + Pink: A Love Affair

French Country Decorating

Design Trends: Playful + Patterned Staircases

Up and down you go, but have you ever considered decorating your staircase? Sometimes those white risers with wood treads seem so predictable and unwelcoming. Stairs are an essential space in the home, but are often overlooked for their design potential. Let's get some ideas on how to transform those old, worn stairs—it just takes… Continue reading Design Trends: Playful + Patterned Staircases

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8 French Country Decorating Tips

Country French is beloved for its blend of old and new. Time-worn furniture combined with vibrant fabrics and natural textures to create an elegant, yet comfortable style. Here are some designer tips to bring French country charm to your home: 1) Scale over quantity Don't be afraid of adding fewer, but larger scale pieces to a French-inspired room. Here,… Continue reading 8 French Country Decorating Tips

French Country Decorating

Feeling the Love: How Red Adds French-Style

Valentine's Day is here, and we are feeling the love. In fact, red has been the soul mate to French Country decorating for generations. Whether it's a touch of red on a chair, or a full splash on a wall—these bold colors are traditional, yet still feel full of surprise when incorporated in a French-inspired design. A… Continue reading Feeling the Love: How Red Adds French-Style

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China Craze: Finding My Dishes the Perfect Home

I admit it, I LOVE china. Heck, I love dishes in all forms: china, glass, pottery it all somehow finds ways to come home with me. When I stop at flea markets or antique stores, I usually can't resist the transparent white quality of an antique milk glass cake stand. And, depression glass in all it's… Continue reading China Craze: Finding My Dishes the Perfect Home

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Parting With My Old Table is Bittersweet

Today, I'm on a mission: find a perfect farmhouse table. For the past 10 years, I've been eeking along with a too small, slightly broken table that I inherited from my mother. I dislike just about everything about it, from the wobbly base to the chipped laminate top. However, this decision is bittersweet. This old table and I have come a long way...afterall,… Continue reading Parting With My Old Table is Bittersweet